Change is in the air, and by that I mean, its time to change up the look and feel of nerdiosity.com.  I’m also stepping out of my comfort zone, and will be delivering my first tool release talk this summer. Terrified doesn’t even cut it.

It is amazing to think I started this blog almost seven 7 years ago with the intent of providing information about cyber threats to the general public, and improving my writing skills.  As I developed in my goal to become a full-time Incident Responder, the blog morphed into writing about the work I was doing, the skills and tools I was learning, and my experiences along the way.  I don’t write nearly as often as I would like, or as I should, and I have no idea if anyone actually reads what I write. However, I do believe for me, and for others who blog, sharing the work that we do is integral to fostering a sense of community in the DFIR industry, and helping to bring new talent into the light.

Thanks for continuing with me on this journey!

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