Joining the DFIR Family

This is a quick one….

I’ve been back from the 2018 SANS DFIR Summit for a couple weeks, and I’m still reflecting on all that I learned and all the amazing people I met.

Yesterday, I received a lovely email from a new member of the DFIR family that I met for the first time at the Summit. In it, he explained he was new to the DFIR world and Summits, and he thanked me for being kind and making the new stuff a little easier to navigate.

First of all, totally made my day. I’m not going to call him out by name so as not to embarrass him, but its brave as well as just plain nice to send an email like that.

Am I telling you this to pat myself on the back for a nice compliment received? Actually, no, but bear with me…

This year was my fourth DFIR Summit and my third time speaking. Its also about my 7-8th SANS conference in addition to other conferences I have attended/spoken at over the years. And one thing I’ve learned is its hard to go to a new conference and put yourself out there to speak to people you don’t know.

At my first DFIR Summit in 2011, I facilitated the Summit and FOR508 (for the EPIC Rob Lee!). I did my best to step out of my shell and meet some new people. What I didn’t expect was the genuine feeling of family among the folks who had attended year on year. I left the Summit truly feeling like a new member of the DFIR family and with a certainty that I would be back again.

I haven’t been able to attend every year, but regardless, I have maintained those family ties and made new ones as we add members to the family. In the time since 2011, I became a full-time IR consultant, continuing to grow and learn my craft. The DFIR family has been there with me, helping and guiding when asked, and supporting me when needed. I do not have enough words to say thank you for the kindness and generosity that has been shown to me.

So the email yesterday simply reminded me to express my gratitude to the folks who first made me feel welcome, who answer when I ask questions or need input, and for the friendships that endure year after year. To our newest members of the DFIR family, welcome!


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